Winter Event

Jewely Ice

Jewelry Ice

Obihiro Ice Festival

Obihiro Ice Festival is one of the three major festivals in Obihiro. Local citizens participate to make show statues and ice sculptures. Please don’t miss the fireworks show at night.

Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan

Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan
The lake is frozen over in winter and Igloo village is built on the lake. Would you like to be part of the village?

Shibare Festival

In Rikubetsu, the coldest town in Japan, would you like to join an event of enduring the freezing cold?

Tokachi Swan Festival Sairinka

Fantastic show of music and lighting preformance at the broad show field.

Ice Candle Night (Tokachi Memuro Japan Winter Festival)

Let’s light a love candle with family, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.
Memuro Hyoutouya(*Japanese event name) romantically snowy field!!!