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When to visit

Summer and winter in Tokachi
• The highest average temperature of August in Obihiro is 25ºC.
• During the summer, the inland areas of Tokachi have a relatively high temperature during the daytime, but it gets cold at night. It is good to have T-shirts as well as outerwear.
• Snowy and cold days continue from the end of November to March. Transportation may be delayed, but there is not a very high snowfall in the Tokachi area, and measures are taken for winter transportation services.
• January and February are the coldest months of winter, and the lowest temperature remains under minus 20ºC.
• A coat and down jacket are a must in the mid-winter because the temperature in the Tokachi area decreases significantly. It is recommended to wear winter shoes because roads are slippery in winter.
• You can enjoy skiing or snowboarding from December to March.
• The cherry blossom season is around the middle of May, which is later than on Honshu.

Obihiro City (Japan Hokkaido Tokachi) Local Time :

Location & transportation

Means of transportation is mainly by vehicles in Tokachi although we have public transportation partially.

About life in Tokachi

• The tap water is safe to drink without boiling.
• Indication of commodity price is referred to \100 a bottle of mineral water, \1,000 lunch, and so on.

Exchange Currency

* These banks are available to exchange cash but please contact for details in advance.

• Hokuyo Bank Obihiro-Chuo Branch
Tel: +81-155-24-5181
Convertible currencies: US$, Canada $, Australia $, Euro, British £, Korean Won, Hong Kong $, Chinese Yuan, Taiwan $, New Zealand $ (Thai Baht is also available since Jan 22, 2013)
Non-convertible currencies: Russian Ruble, Indian Rupee and Brazil Real

• Hokkaido Bank Obihiro Branch
Tel: +81-155-23-7111
Convertible currencies: Basically US$ is available.
* Please contact the bank for information regarding other currencies.

• Mizuho Bank
Tel: +81-155-23-4191
Convertible currencies: US $, Canada $, Australia $, New Zealand $, Euro, British £, Korean Won
Non-convertible currencies: Chinese Yuan, Indian Rupee and Brazil Real
* Please contact the bank for information regarding other currencies.
* Only US$ is available to exchange from Japanese yen to foreign currencies.

• Japan Post Bank
Tel: +81-155-23-2005
Convertible currencies: US $, Canada $, Australia $, Euro, British £, Korean Won, Chinese Yuan, Swiss Franc
* Other currencies cannot be exchanged

Internet Service & International Call

• There are no free Wifi access spots, but some hotels, convenience stores, and fast food outlets in cities have Wifi access.
• In Obihiro city, public phones are available in the waiting room and a booth at the north side on the first floor of Obihiro Station. With an NTT World Pre-paid Card, you can make international calls from touch-tone phones.

Emergency Information

Emergency Information (Japanese only)
Obihiro City Night Emergency Medical Center
Address: 13 South 9 East 7, Obihioro
Tel: +81-155-25-7518
Open: 21:00 – 8:00(open yearly)

Obihiro City Emergency Medical Telephone Center (Japanese only)
Tel: +81-155-26-1099
Open: 24 hours, open yearly

Hokkaido Emergency Medical Information Center (Japanese only)
Telephone: 0120-20-8699 (free of charge), +81-11-221-8699(by mobile phone)
Open: 24 hours, open yearly

Hokkaido Tokachi Tourist Information Center

Hokkaido Tokachi Information Center (Japanese, English and some languages)
Address: 2F, Esta East, JR Obihiro Sta., 2-3 South 12 West 2, Obihioro
Tel: +81-155-23-6403
Open: 9:00 – 18:00