Pork Rice Bowl (Butadon)

‘Butadon’ is a dish that originated in Tokachi.
Everyone considers it the most popular dish in Tokachi.
You will never forget it.

In the early 1900, pig farming started in Tokachi. Pork was simply cooked by grilling it after steeping in a sauce made of sugar and soy sauce. Each shop uses different flavors and toppings. Try to find your favorite. When you walk through the door of Butadon restaurants, the salty sweet smell of the sauce will sharpen your appetite. Most of the shops serving Butadon in Tokachi are confident of the taste of their pork and original sauce. You will be surprised by the grilled pork covering the rice when you open the lid of the bowl. The perfect combination of the tender pork grilled over charcoal and the original sauce soaking into the rice cannot be found anywhere else in Japan. It is the flavor of Tokachi.

Tempra and Lodcal Dishes Hageten
(Tempra to Kyoudo-ryouri Hageten)
Store Infomation:A king’s choice for butadon in Tokachi! With a recipe refined over the past 70 years, the carefully broiled Hokkaido sirloin pork in Hageten’s special sauce is a must-try.
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