Banei horse racing

banei-keiba(Saturday, Sunday, Monday)
Banba is a dynamic horserace that originated from horse power contests in the Pioneer Days of Hokkaido.
The Obihiro Racetrack was opened in 1932 for local horse racing, but since 2007, Banei Horse Racing is also held here by Obihiro City, the only place in the world where Banei Horse Racing can be seen throughout the year. The night races are held until November. Banba draft horses are twice as heavy as thoroughbreds and compete on a straight race track, including two hills, while pulling 1-ton sleds.There is also a zoo on the premises where visitors can touch the Banba horses or small animals. Next to the racetrack, Tokachimura offers Tokachi products, and one can enjoy eating and shopping there. There is also a horse museum with information on farm horses and agricultural tools.

Obihiro Racetrack (Obihiro Keiba-jyou)
West 13, South 9, Obihiro, 080-0023
Closed: Tuesday – Friday
Open: Weekends and Monday