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You will have opportunities to touch with animals living freely. Includes a visit race of Banei Horse Racing in Obihiro. Enjoy the around scenery from vehicles.


1 Roadside Station Urimaku (Michi-no-eki Urimaku)


1, West 3, Urimaku, Shikaoi, 081-0341
Tel: +81-156-67-2345
Open: 30 December – 6 January
Url: http://www.urimaku.net/

It takes 20 minutes by car from Lake Shikaribetsu. The Michinoeki (roadside station) offers the opportunity to experience horse riding. Beginners can also enjoy riding a real horse.

Eat 22

2 Country Home Fuukei


85, 28, Nishi 18-sen, Higashi-urimaku, Shikaoi, 081-0346
Tel: +81-156-67-2382   
Open: 11:00 – 18:00
Url: http://www.countryhomefukei.jp/

Country Home Fukei’s cows are fed from the farm’s very own home grown, nutritionally rich pastures resulting in the highest quality milks and dairy products. Here, you can taste their delicacies while enjoying the beautiful scenery at your leisure.

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3 Moomin Farm (Moomin Bokujyou)


54, Minami 8-sen, Asahi-yama, Shimizu, 089-0355
Tel: +81-156-63-2572
Open: Open yearly

The owner has been breeding miniature horses for 30 years wishing to give little children the opportunity to touch horses as pets. The world’s smallest type of miniature horses can only be found at the Moomin Farm.

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4 Obihiro Racetrack (Obihiro Keiba-jyou)


West 13, South 9, Obihiro, 080-0023
Tel: +81-155-34-0825
Open: Tuesday – Friday
Url: http://www.banei-keiba.or.jp/

Banba is a dynamic horserace that originated from horse power contests in the Pioneer Days of Hokkaido.


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