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APark Golf & Ocean View Hot Spring

Let's have a taste of local agricultural products and processing food, and play park golf which was born in Tokachi, then let's relax by taking a walk in the woods and by taking a hot spring with the ocean view.


1 Roadside Station Nakasatsunai (Michi-no-eki Nakasatsunai)


South 7, Oo-dori, Nakasatsunai, 089-1330
Tel: 0155-67-2811
Open: Monday (open except otherwise noticed in summer time), 30 December – 5 January
Url: http://www.hokkaido-michinoeki.jp/data/36/each.htm

The roadside station is the entrance to the southern Tokachi area. It is surrounded by greenery and flowers. One can enjoy various local Nakasatsunai products. The Bean Museum is also located on the premises.

Eat 13

2 Acorn Park Plum Country (Donguri Kouken Plum Country)


1, 95, Sarabetsu Minami 4-sen, Sarabetsu, 089-1562
Tel: +81-155-52-2406
Url: http://www.sarabetsu.jp/cms/index.php?ID=9

Everybody can enjoy leisure activities in this vast park.

Eat 65

3 Hiroo Santa Land


1, West 4, 7, Hiroo 089-2600
Tel: +81-1558-2-0177
Open: 26 December – 9 January, few days after 1 April
Url: http://www.santaland.or.jp/

Hiroo Santa Land in Daimaruyama Forest Park has a Christmas atmosphere all year round.

Eat 64

4 Bansei Onsen


Bansei 2, Taiki, 089-1882
Tel: +81-1558-7-8161
Open: 10:00 – 21:30 (winter-time 9:30 – 21:00)

The rare hot spring contains iodine. You can have a blissful time taking a bath with a view of the sea spread out in front of you.


Routes of Tokachi

Routes of Tokachi