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There are many kinds of accommodations, including 'ryokan' with hot springs, 'minshuku', hotels in the city center and resort hotels. Please select the kind best suited to your needs.

There are various kinds of accommodations, including 'ryokan' with hot springs and a warm atmosphere that welcomes visitors, 'minshuku' that excel in familial hospitality, as well as hotels, where one can relax with family and friends. One of the charms of Tokachi is farms that provide tourist accommodations where one can experience agricultural work like digging up potatoes or milking cows, and some that provide sport and other recreational activities, making it possible to fully enjoy the Tokachi nature.

Hamada Ryokan

A Hamada Ryokan

2, Rikubetsu Oo-dori, Rikubetsu, 089-4300

This inn locates in the downtown of Rikubetsu. There are many goods of the World Rally Championship since the owner has close ties to the Rally.

Ganso Yumotokan

B Ganso Yumotokan

Nukabiragensenkyo, Kamishihoro, 080-1403
Open: *Onsen for day-trippers available 10:00 - 20:00 (Weekend 8:00 - 20:00)

It is a traditional ryokan (Japanese inn) with a hot spring in the Nukabira hot spring area. It was opened in 1925. The temperature of the hot spring water is 60°C at the source. The hot water is not diluted with other water to lower the temperature. Please enjoy the great natural hot spring water.

Minshuku Machibouke

C Minshuku Machibouke

Atsunai, Urahoro, 089-5865
Closed: Early October – late December, closed randomly

No doubt that the seafood from fishing village will make you satisfy. The special set-meal ‘Fire Teishoku’ and delicious ‘Ikura’ (salmon caviar) are available all the year.

Nonbiri Yado Slow Inn Fuu

D Nonbiri Yado Slow Inn Fuu

080-0035 新得町字上佐幌西1線38-8
Open: Check-in 15:00/ Check-out 10:00, coffee shop 13:00 – 17:00 (Wednesday)
Closed: Open daily
Language:English MAP

The playful inn offers limited room a day. Not only recreations for kids, adults can also relive their childhood.

Tomuraushi Onsen Kokumin Shukusha Higashi Taisetsu Sou

E Tomuraushi Onsen Kokumin Shukusha Higashi Taisetsu Sou

Tomuraushi, Kuttari, Shintoku, 081-0154
Open: *Onsen for day-trippers available 12:00 - 20:00
Closed: Open daily
Language:   MAP

The inn locates in the valley of Mt. Higashi Taisetsu. The recommended plan is staying for a few days for ‘Toji’ (hot spring cure).