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  • This garden features a large area with various kinds of flowers and plants growing in specially prepared soil.

  • This fancy conifer forest that attracts many visitors is the first conifer garden in Japan.

  • This forest is an important resource to hand nature over to future generations.

  • In this garden one can see the flowers and plants that appear on the wrapping paper used to wrap goods sold by Rokkatei, a famous confectionary, as well as 6 kinds of flowers called Tokachi Rokka.

  • This forest is full of flowers and plants that particularly bloom in a northern area, and reminds us of what ancient forests must have been like. One can feel the vitality of the trees and flowers.

  • The garden is located at the top of a hill and welcomes visitors with many kinds of flowers and plants that are grown with delicious water in crisp air.

  • This garden, which is becoming very popular, provides seedlings to other popular gardens and garden designers in Japan.

Routes of Tokachi