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The dynamic nature in Tokachi has four clear seasons. One can see, eat, feel and experience the Tokachi nature with all five senses.

Temperature in Tokachi raises above 30°C in the summer and drops below minus 30°C in the winter. There are large differences in temperature, but the Tokachi area has less snow than other areas, and many sunny days with crisp air called "Tokachibare." Outdoor activities are popular with people who enjoy the nature in Tokachi throughout all the seasons. At some places in the Tokachi area there are also Guide Centers. Please enjoy speed skating, skiing, snowboarding and powder snow during the harsh winter. Some sports originated in Tokachi, for example, park golf in Makubetsu, gateball in Memuro and mini volleyball in Taiki. Everyone can easily partake.

TOM Tokachi Outdoor Mates

A TOM Tokachi Outdoor Mates

240, Moto-sen, Kuttari, Shintoku, 081-0154
Closed: Open daily between April – late October, open daily except otherwise noticed between late October – March
Open: 8:00 – 19:00

Try exciting rafting in the summer and fishing Wakasagi fish in the winter. Let’s feel Hokkaido’s adventure with plenty of outdoor recreations. Please book from the website or by phone.

Wild West Riders Club

B Wild West Riders Club

7, 21, Nishi 33-sen, Urimaku, Shikaoi, 081-0341
Closed: Open daily except otherwise noticed
Open: 8:30 – 18:00 (summer), 10:00 – 16:00 (winter)

Different events, from staff-led riding for beginners to one-day trekking for advanced riders, are available. Please wear comfortable clothes so that you can move freely. You can make reservations by e-mail or phone. Reservations can also be made on the day if not fully booked.

Moomin Farm (Moomin Bokujyou)

C Moomin Farm (Moomin Bokujyou)

54, Minami 8-sen, Asahi-yama, Shimizu, 089-0355
Closed: Open yearly
Open: 9:00 – sunset

The owner has been breeding miniature horses for 30 years wishing to give little children the opportunity to touch horses as pets. The world’s smallest type of miniature horses can only be found at the Moomin Farm.