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The dynamic nature in Tokachi has four clear seasons. One can see, eat, feel and experience the Tokachi nature with all five senses.

Temperature in Tokachi raises above 30°C in the summer and drops below minus 30°C in the winter. There are large differences in temperature, but the Tokachi area has less snow than other areas, and many sunny days with crisp air called "Tokachibare." Outdoor activities are popular with people who enjoy the nature in Tokachi throughout all the seasons. At some places in the Tokachi area there are also Guide Centers. Please enjoy speed skating, skiing, snowboarding and powder snow during the harsh winter. Some sports originated in Tokachi, for example, park golf in Makubetsu, gateball in Memuro and mini volleyball in Taiki. Everyone can easily partake.

Club Med Sahoro

A Club Med Sahoro

Karikachi Kougen, Shintoku, 081-0039
Open: 9:00 – 21:00 (early December – early April)

Language:English, French MAP

The all-inclusive facility offers almost all things necessary for holidays, including meals, sport opportunities, entertainment, etc. Staff from all over the world help guests make the most of their holiday.

Churui Hakugindai Ski Area (Churui Hakugindai Ski-jyou)

B Churui Hakugindai Ski Area (Churui Hakugindai Ski-jyou)

415, Shirogane-machi, Churui, Makubetsu, 089-1701
Closed: 31 December – 1 January
Open: 9:00 – 21:00 (late December – middle March)

Here is the only skiing site in Southern Tokachi. The site prepares slopes for beginners to experts. Children can also play with a snow sled.

Memuro Ski Area/ Mt.Shin Arashi Ski Area (Memuro Ski-jyou/ Shin Arashi-yama Ski-jyou)

C Memuro Ski Area/ Mt.Shin Arashi Ski Area (Memuro Ski-jyou/ Shin Arashi-yama Ski-jyou)

42, 2, Naka Bisei, Memuro, 082-0076
Open: 9:00 – 21:00 (middle December – late March)

The ski area, which is located near Obihiro City, has a ski course for the whole family that beginners and advanced skiers alike can enjoy. There is also a cross-country skiing course, and equipment for night skiing are also supplied.

Boya Farm

D Boya Farm

1, 224, Kiyomi, Ikeda, 083-0002
Closed: Farm inn: Open yearly
Open: Sheep dog show 11:00 and 13:30 (weekends and national holidays between late April – September) *maximum capacity 180

Sheep Dog Show, which is held in nearby Tokachi Makiba-no-Ie, attracts many people from outside Hokkaido every year! If you come to Ikeda Town, please drop by.

Water Fall in Mikage Yamame Fishing Park (Mikage-no-taki Yamame Gyoen)

E Water Fall in Mikage Yamame Fishing Park (Mikage-no-taki Yamame Gyoen)

58, Minami 7-sen, Mikage, Shimizu, 089-0357
Closed: Open daily
Open: Fishing pond 8:00 – sunset, camp Site April – October

You can try fishing in a pond. There are also a camping site, cottages. BBQ and cources meals with various fish are availavle. Please book by phone.

TAC Tokachi Adventure Club

F TAC Tokachi Adventure Club

1, 539, Kuttari, Shintoku, 081-0154
Open: 9:00 – 18:00 (late April – 3 November, late December – middle March)

They gives various outdoor activities depending on the seasons such as rafting and canoeing in the summer, and going down the hill with snow-shoes in the winter. Please ask the detail in advance.

Tokachi Nature Center

G Tokachi Nature Center

12, 1, South 12, Tokachigawa Onsen, Otofuke, 080-0263
Closed: Open daily
Open: 9:00 – 18:00

The center offers various programs to bring one in touch with nature in the Tokachigawa hot spring area and to introduce the attractions of Tokachi to all people.Programmes vary in all seasons: Nature Tour of the Tokachi River, Easy Farming Experience, Bird-watching Tour (watching various eagles), Salmon-watching Tour in Autumn and Snow Rafting

Nukabira Gensenkyou Ski Area (Nukabira Gensenkyou Ski-jyou)

H Nukabira Gensenkyou Ski Area (Nukabira Gensenkyou Ski-jyou)

75, Minami-ku, Nukabira gensenkyou, Kamishihoro, 080-1403
Open: 9:00 – 15:15 (winter)
Language:English MAP

The ski area is located in the Nukabira hot spring area, and has various ski courses. There are also restaurants, stalls, a ski school and a ski rental service.

Shikaribertsu Lake Nature Center (Shikaribertsu-ko Nature Center)

I Shikaribertsu Lake Nature Center (Shikaribertsu-ko Nature Center)

Shikaribestu kohan, Shikaoi, 081-0344

Here instructors welcome visitors to explore the nature around Lake Shikaribetsu with programmes focusing on ecology such as Canadian Canoeing, Night Watching Tour and so on.

Sahoro Resort

J Sahoro Resort

Karikachi-kougen, Shintoku, 081-0039
Tel:+81-156-64-7111, +81-156-64-4121 (ski site)
Closed: Early April – late April, early November – late November
Open: 8:00 – 17:00

In winter, skiing and snowboarding are popular kinds of winter sports. In summer there are various hands-on sport programs, including golf, tennis, canoeing and rafting. Let’s get some physical exercise at this highland resort with its abundant negative ions.