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Hands-on Agriculture and Processing Experiences

Tokachi is called an agriculture kingdom as well as Japan's Food Production Center. Please experience agricultural activities with farmers in the vast fields.

The total cultivated land area per farming household in Tokachi is 41.7 ha, which is twice the average area in Hokkaido. The total number of dairy and beef cattle account for as much as 40% of the Hokkaido total. Agricultural land is spread across the vast Tokachi Plain and windbreaks provide beautiful scenery in all the seasons. They are valuable resources for attracting visitors. Farmers providing accommodations have been increasing in recent years and city people they can have agricultural work experience there to feel closer to agriculture.

Ishida Sheep Farm (Ishida Menyou Bokujyou)

A Ishida Sheep Farm (Ishida Menyou Bokujyou)

1, 7, Nakaya, Ashoro, 089-3700
Closed: Sheep shearing experience and show May - August, sheep dog show May - October

Have an experience of shearing sheep (up to ten people a day) and making felt coasters together with instructors! *Booking required for a sheep shearing experience*Those who come from *FMD free are permitted to access. Please see the URL below.*FMD: Foot-and-mouth diseasehttp://www.maff.go.jp/j/syouan/douei/katiku_yobo/k_fmd/http://www.oie.int/en/animal-health-in-the-world/official-disease-status/fmd/list-of-fmd-free-members/

Country Farmers Fujita Farm (Country Farmers Fujita Bokujyou)

B Country Farmers Fujita Farm (Country Farmers Fujita Bokujyou)

5, 26, Nishi 28-sen, Urimaku, Shikaoi, 081-0341
Tel:+81-156-67-2316, +81-90-8276-9602
Open: Closed randomly

At the farm, a full farming experience will be offered for overnight visitors.For a day-tour, the program includes butter making and cow milking of experiences and encourages children’s curiosity and imagination throughout interacting with animals.Those who come from Foot-and-mouth disease free areas are permitted to access. Please see the URL below.http://www.maff.go.jp/j/syouan/douei/katiku_yobo/k_fmd/http://www.oie.int/en/animal-health-in-the-world/official-disease-status/fmd/list-of-fmd-free-members/

Hira Agricultural Farm (Hira Nouen)

C Hira Agricultural Farm (Hira Nouen)

43, Higashi 2-sen, Kuttari, Shintoku, 081-0154
Closed: 8:00 - 18:00 (May - October) *Booking required for the farming experience
Open: Closed randomly, winter

Not only having an experience of digging potatos, you can also try driving a tractor! Freshly-picked vegetables are sold as well.

Kaneda Berry Farm (Kaneda Berry-en)

D Kaneda Berry Farm (Kaneda Berry-en)

58, Nishi 1-sen, Kuttari, Shintoku, 081-0154
Closed: 7:00 - sunset, berry jam-making experience yearly, berry-picking experience early July - middle August
Open: Open daily

Enjoy picking different kinds of berries. Here is free of charge to enter the site, but will be charged if you wish to take berries away. Jam-making experience is also available with booking in advance.

Yumu Farm (Yumu Bokujyou)

E Yumu Farm (Yumu Bokujyou)

108, Moto-sen, Sahoro, Shintoku, 081-0000
Closed: 7:00 - 16:00 (early May - late october) *Booking required

We offer visitors (more than 5 persons) various expriences such as "cow milking and feeding calves," "visiting cowhouse," "butter and cookie making," ”ice-cream making.” Booking is required by fax including your name, a number of participants, time and a contact number.

Piitan Agricultural Farm (Piitan Nouen)

F Piitan Agricultural Farm (Piitan Nouen)

Higashi 6-sen, Naka-totsuta, Nakasatsunai, 089-1352
Closed: 10:00 - 17:00 (late April - late August)
Open: Closed randomly

Available to eat fresh strawberry in the green house, enjoy the taste of chemical-free strawberrys during cultivation season. (The number of visitors are limited depending on the weather)

Shiitake Mushroom Shop Sekine (Shiitake-ya Sekine)

G Shiitake Mushroom Shop Sekine (Shiitake-ya Sekine)

24, Higashi 1-sen, Kami-sahoro, Shintoku, 081-0000
Closed: Sunrise - sunset *maximum capacity 30
Open: Year-end and New Year

Sekine is specializing in producing additive-free shiitake mushrooms. Our special mushrooms have good quality and thick meat thanking to the appropriate weather of Shintoku. Please make a booking for the picking experience by the previous day.

Placer Mining Experience (Sakin-hori Taiken)

H Placer Mining Experience (Sakin-hori Taiken)

3, 217, Oda, Taiki, 089-2261
Closed: 9:00 - sunset (June - September)

Here offers placer mining experience for both children and adults. Instructors teach you how to find out alluvial gold. You can also make a book markers using alluvial gold at the roadside station "Cosmall Taiki."*Tools are available for gold digging. Group discout (more than ten persons)

Fruits Garden Kamiyama

I Fruits Garden Kamiyama

600, 11, Kumaushi, Shimizu, 089-0299
Closed: 8:00 – 16:00 (early July – early October)

You can enjoy picking cherries from early July to early August, picking plum and plain from middle August to early October and picking apples from late September to middle October. Trees are not too tall to gather fruits and they are very delicious all because of high sugar contents.