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  • Obihiro Ice Festival is one of the three major festivals in Obihiro. Local citizens participate to make snow statues and ice sculptures. Please don’t miss the fireworks show on the eve of the festival!

  • The lake is frozen over in winter and Igloo village is built on the lake. Would you like to be part of the village?

  • Let’s light a love candle with family, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

  • In Rikubetsu, the coldest town in Japan, would you like to join an event of enduring the freezing cold?

  • Many koinobori carp streamers are displayed as if they are flying along the river to wish for children’s health.

  • When the moss phlox blooms in Satomigaoka Park, Hokkaido is in mid-spring and moss phlox covers the ground.

  • Ezomurasakitsutsuji (Dahurian Azaleas), vibrantly colored flowers, bloom earlier than other flowers in spring. Let’s feel the Hokkaido spring.

  • Potters in Hokkaido participate in this event. One may find nice bowls and experience making original ware.

  • The lights from fireflies that have come back to life at the hot springs create fantastic scenery against the summer night sky, causing everyone to relax.

  • Let’s stroll around all the gardens in the village filled with flowers.

  • Sarabetsu village is one of the areas with the largest number of tractors. They compete with their power in this event.

  • This festival is held in appreciation for the blessings of nature based on an Ainu legend.

  • Let’s enjoy Hokkaido’s short summer with local people. A fireworks display of 3000 fireworks is held at night.

  • On a summer morning, many hot-air balloons rise into the clear blue sky above Kamishihoro Town. Would you like to experience riding in a hot-air balloon?

  • Colorful Tanabata decorations and streamers can be seen in the Obihiro shopping arcade.

  • Heigen Festival is one of the three major festivals in Obihiro, and is held at the end of the summer. The city is filled with a festive atmosphere.

  • During the traditional Kachimai Displays held on Obon (around mid-August), the town is filled with excited visitors.

  • This is a dynamic fireworks display that lights up the night sky, and signals the end of Tokachi’s summer.

  • The festival is celebrated by all citizens. Let’s enjoy Hokkaido’s short summer. At the end of the festival, a fireworks display is held at night.

  • The festival is held out of gratitude for the harvest, and to celebrate a good harvest. One may be lucky enough to get local products at the Minorimaki event.

  • Would you like to try a special menu of ‘new ’ buckwheat noodles made of freshly harvested buckwheat produced in Shintoku at the most tasty time of the year?

  • Events including an all-you-can stuff sale of potatoes and a speed-eating contest are held to celebrate the harvest of agricultural products.

  • All-you-can-drink Tokachi wine and all-you-can-eat Tokachi beef; one can be filled with the taste of autumn.

  • This festival is one of the three major festivals in Obihiro. The Obihiro autumn deepens with the exhibition of large-flowered chrysanthemums.

  • Many fresh marine products like hairy crabs are boiled in a giant pot. Let’s taste Hiroo’s products!

  • Festival is one of the two main festivals of Shihoro town.

  • Fantastic show of music and lighting performance at the broad snow field

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