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  • The production of wheat, which is one of the common ingredients of sweets, is the largest in Japan. Please come and enjoy many sweets and various breads around Tokachi, also called the kingdom of sweets.

  • Farm restaurants in Tokachi are places where one can enjoy fresh meat, vegetables, eggs and milk while viewing the rural landscape.

  • There are many restaurants offering delicious dishes using fresh vegetables and dairy products that are grown organically and with reduced amounts of chemical fertilizer. Vegetarians can also enjoy these dishes.

  • Tokachi ramen noodle restaurants that offer dishes with abundant local produce are also popular among the local people.

  • Vast agricultural fields and pastures are spread across the Tokachi Plain. Tokachi, the livestock kingdom, has many restaurants serving delicious grilled meat and Genghis Khan mutton barbecue.

  • 'Butadon' is a dish that originated in Tokachi. Everyone considers it the most popular dish in Tokachi. You will never forget it.

  • Dairy products are produced from the milk of dairy cows that are raised in Tokachi surrounded by dynamic nature. Recommended products are cheese, milk, yogurt and soft serve ice cream.

  • Enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine made with lots of local Tokachi foods by professional chefs.

Routes of Tokachi