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Grilled Meat & Mutton Barbecue

Vast agricultural fields and pastures are spread across the Tokachi Plain. Tokachi, the livestock kingdom, has many restaurants serving delicious grilled meat and Genghis Khan mutton barbecue.

It is said that there are more cows than people in Tokachi, which is famous for beef production. Cattle raised freely on the wide Tokachi Plain create beef with a different texture than other kinds of beef. The Tokachi brand beef has spread throughout Japan in recent years and fans of this brand have increased. In general, karubi (beef ribs) are popular for Yakiniku (grilled meat) dishes, but Tokachi people also love sagari (part of the diaphragms) because fresh sagari is freely available. This is one of the features of Tokachi. Please try it! You can also try Genghis Khan, a particularly popular cuisine in Hokkaido, consisting of raw mutton's lamb's meat slices that are grilled on a hot plate and dipped into the sauce before enjoying the fresh and tender taste. Please try the original flavored sauce of each restaurant that has been handed down for generations.

Nandaimon ekimae-ten

A Nandaimon ekimae-ten

2, 6, West 2, South 11, Obihiro, 080-0012
Open: 18:00 – 4:00
Closed: Tuesday

In order to ensure they are using the best quality meat possible, Nandaimon pays for the highest quality cattle. The menu changes with the seasons, and there is a wide variety of side items as well.