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Taushubetsu River Bridge (Tausyubetsu-gawa Kyouryou)

Taushubetsu River  Bridge (Tausyubetsu-gawa Kyouryou)

The arch bridge, which is called Meganebashi (eyeglasses) because the bridge looks like a pair of glasses when it is reflected in the river, reminds us of the remains of ancient Rome.

The Taushubetsu Bridge is part of the original elevated railway bridges that became the first designated Hokkaido Heritage, the Old National Railway Shihoro line Concrete Arch Bridges. The bridge that stands inside a lake is also called a “phantom bridge” because the water level of the lake changes drastically with the seasons, and the bridge is sometimes completely covered with water.A railway museum in Kamishihoro Town exhibits the history of the old Shihoro Railway Line of which the arch bridges are a part. The Higashi Taisetsu Nature Guide Center (incorporated non-profit organization) offers a tour to visit the Taushubetsu Bridge.

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